What We Are:
is a contracts management, proposal development, post award administration & training professional services company that specilizes in the Federal, state & local government marketplaces. We are staffed & supervised by seasoned personnel who have become experts in their profession the hard way  –  “In the Trenches”

What We Are Not:
is not a law firm or certified public accounting firm & we do not charge the fees commonly earned by these companies – we provide our services at a cost that small & mid-size companies can afford 

PACFED’s Expertise:

  • In-depth understanding of all elements of Government/prime contractor acquisition processes, business strategies, regulations, compliance methods & legal issues
  • Focused practice areas to cut a path through the  maze
  • Consultant domain knowledge backed by credentials & certifications at all levels

PACFED’s Experience:

  • Consultant subject matter experts (SME) are seasoned professionals
  • Average consultant experience level exceeds 20 years in the practice area
  • Senior SME’s have complete end-to-end acquisition program experience

PACFED’s Efficiency:

  • Each consultant has been there before…maximizes productivity & minimizes/eliminates learning curve costs
  • PACFED’s consulting process is flexed to fit our client’s budget, company culture & organic capabilities – an “inside out process” to get our job done efficiently & effectively & concurrently mentor client staff
  • Agile, small team formation process speeds strategy development, reduces timelines & produces highly leveraged & crisp business solutions