Capture Management – Human Capital Strategy Is A Winner

Case Scenario

  • Throughout a competitive major weapon system acquisition, numerous draft RFP’s ranked the Government’s evaluation criteria in desending order as:
               Technical Solution
               Management Plan
  • During various formal & informal briefings & discussions, the SPO Director repeatedly opined that the “best solution” would be to ” find, hire & retain” the best & brightest people to do the job
  • The Government’s final RFP unexpectedly included a 4th ranked evaluation criteria entitled, “Human Capital”

PACFED’s Solution

  • PACFED consultants were engaged by one competitor to address the Human Capital evaluation criteria
  • With little time remaining before proposal submission, PACFED assessed the bidder’s key personnel qualifications, company wide compensation plan, employee motivational tools & project retention rates
  • Senior company executives representing all relevant functional & staff management were recruited to assist in developing the company’s proposal response & concurrently achieve internal “buy-in”
  • PACFED developed & presented a comprehensive Human Capital Plan and suggested that the company propose to have it included in the terms of the awarded contract thus contractually ensuring the Government that it would get company compliance & that the company would get recovery of employee financial incentives & other costs after contract award
  • Upon evaluation by the Government, the company’s “Human Capital Plan” was rated “Blue” – the highest rating available
  • The contractor was awarded the contract at an evaluated price of $X.X Billion
  • At the Government’s post award de-briefing, the Source Selection Authority (SSA) stated that the tie-breaker was the winning contractor’s “obvious understanding that the best solution for a successful program was to find, hire & retain the best people for the job at hand”