PACFED Solutions

Acquisition, Contracting & Procurement Expertise
At A Cost Small Business Can Afford

  • PACFED consultants are seasoned experts in their specialty fields – we understand & are experts in the rules, regulations & contracting practices that Government contractors at all levels must follow
  • We do not deal with “guess work” when it comes to regulatory matters – we will tell you what the rules say, how they are applied, what trade-offs are availalble & how they will affect your business transaction
  • Using PACFED minimizes company organic cost by out-sourcing needed expertise – there is no idle time
  • Our broad experience & reach allows us to provide the specialized knowledge, experience & judgment needed to tackle even the most complicated contracting, accounting and adminstrative projects
  • Cost effectiveness is achieved with expert knowledge & conservation of resources: our clients buy only what is needed – when needed
  • Cost efficiency is achieved through elimination of related payroll expense (RPE), idle administrative capacity, potentially contentious human resource issues & other overhead cost
  • Proposal offerings, contracts, subcontracts & project outputs demonstrate high quality, “professional grade” products & services
  • Requirements are fulfilled & compliance is achieved without unnecessary “requirements growth” that often results from lack of in-depth, expert regulatory knowledge & hands-on experience
  • The end result is company management is confident its strategies are focused on success, end client requirements are met & risk is eliminated or mitigated
  • Our goal is to help you produce sustained long term results: superior capture efforts, project performance, profitability & company growth