Realities of Government Acquisition

PACFED Understands the Real World

  • Government contracting is complicated & administratively burdensome
  • Just learning the “rules of engagement” consumes time & resources
  • Legal, accounting & regulatory non-compliance risks severe penalties
  • Requirements maze is a barrier to pursuit of marketing targets that frequently causes missed opportunities & operational inefficiency
  • Government/prime contractor requirements force companies to employ highly compensated, specialty staff (SME) to navigate the maze
  • Full-time specialty staff often function at less than optimum effectiveness & consume scarce direct contract & indirect resouces
  • Improvements to specialty staff effectiveness come about only after formal training & learning curve costs are absorbed at company expense
  • Failure to understand Government processes, legal, regulatory & administrative ground rules & acquisition practices leads to significant inefficiencies, budget overruns, overstatement of requirements, unnecessary administrative burdens & customer dissatisfaction
  • Many small & mid-size companies do not have the resources to employ full-time SME to competently & confidently pursue & perform contracts – use of “jack of all trades, master of none” staffing practices results in uncertainty & less than profesional results